Reservation Services & membership

Visitor Information
To stay overnight at Arumjigi Hamyang Hanok, the entire house should be booked. Arumjigi Hamyang Hanok accommodates up to ten people.

For overnight visitors, breakfast and dinner is served. (included in accommodation fee)

Smoking and cooking are NOT allowed in the hanok. (Particularly since all the buildings of the hanok are made of wood.)

10% discount on all charges for those with Arumjigi membership (Annual memberships and Lifetime memberships)

Please refer to our website for discount information (
Facilities And Room Rates
Group of up to four:
\600,000/day(Sun.-Thu.), \800,000/day(Fri.-Sat. / before Holidays)
* Breakfast and Dinner is included. (you can choose 'Jeongol and pork dish' or 'Grilled Bulgogi dish')
* Additional charge of \100,000 per day for each person exceeding four.
* For hildren 5~12 years old \50,000/child per day(Children 0~4 years old can stay free of charge)
Inner Quarters
Three rooms(Main Living Room, Small Room, Wood-floored Room), one toilet
Master’s Quarters
Two rooms(Main Living Room, Small Room), one toilet
₩500,000 (up to four hours, ₩100,000 per additional hour)
If photo team stays overnight, their lodging charge is extra.
Please make reservations by phone or online up to seven days in advance and pay the lodging fees in full within three days from the date of reservation.

Cancellations should be made at least seven days in advance of the day the room is reserved.

If you cancel your reservation, you will incur a cancellation charge.(100% refund for seven days notice, 50% refund for three days notice and no refund for cancellation on the day reserved)

For reservations, call the Arumjigi office at +82-2-741-8373
Facilities & Services
General Information
Check-in time 14:00
Check-out time 11:00
Two rooms (Main Room, Small Room), one toilet
Fresh bedding for each room with heating and air-conditioning.
Smoking and cooking are NOT allowed in the hanok. (Particularly since all the buildings of the hanok are made of wood.)
You can use the Internet.
In the hanok office, there is some medicine for emergencies.
Temperature Information
The switch for lighting outside of the inner quarters is on the left wall of the toilet space, and the switch for the inside lighting is on the wall of the room.
Bed-making service is provided.
Close the sliding door and screen windows when you come in and go out.
Please eat food only in the kitchen.
Hot tea is provided free of charge. Ask the maintenance office or the cook for tea.
Porridge of the season and fresh vegetables are served at breakfast.
50 proof Hwayo and 82 proof Hwayo (type of soju, Korean distilled spirit) and three kinds of wines are sold.
Fresh towels, toothbrushes & toothpaste, shampoo, and soap are provided in the washroom and shower stall. You can take a hot shower any time, but if you would like to enjoy a hot bath, please notify the maintenance office one hour beforehand.
The water from the faucet takes about one minute to turn hot.
To run hot water, push the knob to the right, and push to the front. Please only use the appropriate amount of hot water. The hot water tank has limited capacity.