The kitchen of Hamyang Hanok was originally an annexed facility used for storage. Remodeled as a kitchen with a pair glass wall, its brightness and openness filled mealtime with warmth and joy.

Porridge and side dishes made from fresh produce of the season, other side dishes, and steamed foods are offered for breakfast. Dinner includes boiled and sliced pork served with spicy cabbage leaves to wrap the meat, vegetables grown in the kitchen garden, pickled herbs, and soybean stew. Aromatic herbal tea processed from herbs grown in the backyard is also served.

Meals At Arumjigi Hamyang Hanok

Rice porridge of the season
Spring : Rice porridge cooked with beef and mallow
Summer : Rice porridge cooked with bamboo shoots in soybean paste
Autumn : Rice porridge cooked with mushrooms and perilla seeds
Winter : Rice porridge cooked with dried pollack and bean sprouts
Vegetables of the season are used for rice porridge. Hot beef and mallow porridge is served in spring, and mushroom porridge flavored with perilla seeds is served in autumn. Every porridge served is good for health.
Kimchi saute / Baked eggplant / Pickles
Pickled vegetables served in variety, including apricot pickled in soybean paste, pickled radish, and darae stem.
Seasonal side dishes
Baked bean curd, seasoned parae seaweed or seasoned green pumpkin are served.
Seasonal steamed dishes and fruits
Two or three of either steamed sweet pumpkins, sweet potatoes, eggs, potatoes, and corn are served.
Assorted deep-fried “flakes”
Various vegetables from those picked in spring to leaves picked in autumn are covered with glutinous rice flour paste and thoroughly dried under warm sunlight and deep fried. Very crispy.
Lettuce, chicory, cucumbers, and other fresh vegetables seasoned with sweet and sour vinegar dressing areserved.
Assorted pan-fried dish
Pan-fried green pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and leaks and seafood are served.
Sliced boiled pork
Boiled and sliced pork raised on Mt. Jirisan is served as the main dish at dinner. Cooked with herbs and vegetable spices, this pork has a wonderful aroma and taste.
Assorted pickles
Pickled vegetables made from early spring to autumn are served all the year round.
Mushrooms, bamboo shoots, tomatoes, wild rose shoots, and other vegetables pickled in soy sauce, soybean paste, or hot soybean paste are served.
Seasoned vegetables
Green and white seasonal vegetables parboiled in hot water and seasoned with various ingredients are served separately.
Soybean stew
Fresh, seasonal vegetables and dried vegetables locally produced are added in abundance to soybean paste and boiled.
Seasoned fresh oyster
Seasoned fresh oysters are served during winter. Spicy, go well with a bowl of rice.
※ The menu changes depending on season.