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Master's Quarters

After entering through the main gate and passing by the low stone wall surrounding the house, you will arrive at the Master’s Quarters, which is impressive for its quiet yet deep color of wood.

This was a place for men. Here, the master of the house talked with guests, offered them food, and let them stay overnight. The 150-year old original structure was kept intact when restoration work was done on this part, and the interior structure is as it was in the late Joseon period.

The Master’s Quarters of this house tell us an interesting story. When you look afar from the wooden verandah outside the room (of the Master’s Quarters), there stands the pointed mountain peak over Hwarim Valley. The peak was once called the ‘Peak of Literature’ because it resembles the tip of a brush in shape. For this reason, the people believed that the family would produce many literati scholars. Come and sit where a real scholar used to sit and sense his mental struggle as he strived to study with a clear mind amid the beauty of nature.

ondol rooms
ondol rooms
When you open the window of the Main Living Room in the morning, crisp air and refreshing scenery of a broad and flat rock and plum trees will greet you. If you look up a little higher, you can see the gentle silhouette of the tiled roof of the Master’s Quarters against blue sky.
The smaller room across the main living room has a convenient built-in closet for visitors to keep clothes and luggage.
Come enjoy the essence of living in a traditional house in these warm ondol (under-floor heating) rooms that have a natural feel.
Modern Toilet
Modern Toilet
The restored Hamyang Hanok has a new modern toilet inside for the convenience of visitors. Although a traditional Korean house has a toilet outside, this alteration was necessary so that Arumjigi Hanok could serve numerous visitors.
Two rooms (Main Living Room, Small Room), one toilet
- Fresh bedding for each room with heating and air-conditioning.